You can purchase your socks in BULK or set up a PRE-SALE CAMPAIGN to minimise the individual burden.

The Classic sock is 30% thinner than the

Pre-Sale Campaign

This is the perfect option for amateur sporting teams who are interested in custom designed socks.

If your club can't afford to purchase custom socks for everyone, then organise it yourself and we will make it happen with a very simple process. 

We can set up a link on our website for everyone in your team to order individually. This option is fixed with our Standard Pricing, however it requires zero administration from you. 

We will collect the payments, collate the orders and deliver the socks straight to your club. It doesn't get much easier.

All you have to do is share the link with your team.

Purchase in Bulk

Purchasing in bulk will attract discount pricing and subsequently increases for each of the following brackets:

  • 1-29 pairs

  • 30-59 pairs

  • 60-119 pairs

  • 120-239 pairs

  • 240+ pairs

Although this option may be more burdensome on the individual placing the order, the overall cost saving will make it worth your while.

This option is very popular for sporting organisations and businesses.

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