Frequently Asked Questions

The Answers You Need

How does the Design Process Work?

It's easy, provide with all the details and we will design the sock for you! If you are not happy with the design or would like to modify it, just let us know and we will be happy to redesign the sock for you. You can upload your logo directly to our website.

How to Place an Order?

For pre-sale campaigns, once you are happy with your design, we will set up an order page online through our website and provide you with a link. This is where all your teammates can go to complete their order.

We will provide you with a cut off date for orders, at which point the order function will be disabled and we can place the bulk order for socks to be made.

Timing of Manufacture and Delivery?

From the cut off date your socks will be manufactured and delivered directly to your club within 4 weeks.

Distribution of the socks will be the responsibility of the club or business. We will provide you with a list of all the fulfilled orders.

What are the sizes?


Size 5 - 7 (Small)

Size 8 -13 (Medium - Large)

Size 14 - 15 (Extra Large)


Size 3 - 8 (Small)

Size 9 - 15 (Medium to Large)

What is the Minimum Order Quantity?

There is a minimum order quantity of 15 socks per style and size (please note exception below). For example if you are ordering two different coloured socks, you will need a MOQ of 15 pairs per colour and size (i.e you will need a MOQ of 15 white/small and 15 white/medium-large).

In the event that you think your team will be unable to meet the minimum order, please let us know as soon as possible so we can arrange for a refund.

Can I order a sample?

Yes. You can certainly order a sample pair. The cost is $40 USD. Why so high? Because the socks are custom made, the cost of labour in creating just one pair is just too expensive and hence our minimum order quantities.

Use of your team or company logo

To make sure we keep everything above board, we ask that you first seek approval from your club’s or company's board to use your logo. If you do choose to proceed, we will not accept any responsibility for any copyright/trademark infringement.

What is your return policy?

Because our socks are custom made, returns are not possible. If you receive a faulty product we will refund you the cost of the pa